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Tua Tagovailoa Finally Shows Leadership As He Chews Out “Sloppy” Offense

Tua Tagovailoa Finally Shows Leadership As He Chews Out “Sloppy” Offense

One of the interesting storylines this offseason has been how Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa has taken up Jiu-Jitsu classes in an effort to learn how to “fall” properly.

Apparently, these lessons have not only improved Tagovailoa’s physical health but have also had a positive impact on his leadership style as well.

Last season, the quarterback faced concerns about his health after suffering (at least) two scary concussions which forced him to miss several games. 

Jeremy Fowler of ESPN shared encouraging news during a recent segment on Sportscenter, stating, “I’ve checked on his health, and I was told he’s completely healthy now. Not only that, but he’s been working on that Jiu-Jitsu that you’ve heard about – how to fall forward, how to protect his head in the pocket.”

“Well, I was told the Dolphins actually implemented some of those Jiu-Jitsu workouts with their quarterbacks before practices. So, they are trying to get everybody used to falling down and being able to protect themselves. I was also told that Tua is taking some leadership steps recently.”

Fowler further elaborated on Tagovailoa’s growing leadership role, revealing an incident during practice where the young quarterback took charge.

“There was a practice where it was a little bit sloppy. He stopped the whole thing, sort of talked to the offense, maybe even laid into them a little bit. I was told that’s something Tua would not have done a couple of years ago, but now he’s a major voice in Miami.”

The Miami Dolphins have shown confidence in Tagovailoa’s abilities by exercising the fifth-year option on his contract, guaranteeing him a salary of $23.4 million. This decision reflects the team’s belief in his potential and his importance to their future success.

Expressing his enthusiasm, Tagovailoa shared his excitement for the upcoming season, stating, “I’m very excited. I think our entire team is excited to get back out there. Get to meet a lot of the newer guys and guys who have been in this system for a whole year now.”

“It’s very exciting. And I think a lot of fans, the community, everyone is very supportive.. How do I feel now compared to a year ago? I’m smiling a lot more, so I would say good.”

Tagovailoa’s injury concerns last season were primarily centered around two concussions. The first occurred on September 29 against the Cincinnati Bengals, leading to his evacuation from the field and transportation to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center.

After almost a month of recovery, he returned before suffering his second concussion which ended his season.

Despite the setbacks, he showcased his talent when healthy, recording a completion rate of 64.8% with 3,548 yards, 25 touchdowns and eight interceptions and winning eight out of the 13 games he started.

2023 is an ultra-important year for Tagovailoa.. Dolphin fans are excited to see their leader truly start to lead…

“Tua has been a good soldier. It felt like every 2 weeks there were rumors of his team trying to replace him and what not. His reaction? Always saying the right things at the podium and being an adult about the noise—even if he was entitled to be annoyed.”

“Oh hell yeah, the starting QB is becoming a major voice on the team after 3 years.”

“Guy is going to have an MVP run next season while Tyreek becomes the top WR in the league. I’m not even a fins fan.”

One person who is full of confidence is Tua’s star wide receiver Tyreek Hill…

“#Dolphins star Tyreek Hill says Tua Tagovailoa is “going to go crazy” this year with all their offensive weapons: “Obviously we got one of the most accurate quarterbacks in the NFL and I’m sticking to my stance on that,” Hill said, via ProFootballTalk.. “So having Tua at quarterback and having the offensive guru we have in our head coach is wonderful. Having those weapons at his disposal, he’s going to go crazy. He can have me and Waddle on one side, Devon and Raheem on another side. The sky is the limit for this offense.”



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