Trouble In Vegas??: Josh Jacobs Sounds As Unhappy As Davante Adams: “I’m Tired Of F*cking Losing”

It’s no secret the Las Vegas Raiders are off to an extremely rocky start this season.

Sitting at 1-3, they’re tied for last place in the AFC West. Even more concerning, you’re starting to hear a whole lot of negative chirping coming out of the locker room. 

All-Pro wide receiver Davante Adams has been very vocal about his displeasure at the direction the Raiders seem to be going. He stance is basically “if you’re not serious about winning, then get me out of here.”

It seems like Pro Bowl running back Josh Jacobs is leaning towards that stance as well. 

This week, Jacobs pointed to undisciplined play being a major factor in the Raiders underwhelming performance this season.

“It’s undisciplined football, and this league is too competitive,” he stated. “It’s too competitive, and there are too many guys that are good out there to not do the little things right every play.”

“Until we figure that out, this is going to be what it is. It’s frustrating, man. I’m tired of losing, just keep it 100 … I’m tired of f*cking losing.”

Jacobs, known for his work ethic and dedication, expressed his frustration with the team’s inability to turn things around despite their potential.

“I mean, I feel like every day I go in there and work my ass off. So, eventually something’s got to give.”

The sentiment has been echoed by Adams, who also voiced his displeasure with the team’s performance.

Adams emphasized the importance of establishing a winning culture early in the season.

“It’s not my mentality to sit here and try to take all season and figure it out,” Adams previously said. “You use these early games like this to establish an identity. We’re not doing things the right way to establish a winning culture.”

“We’ve got to go out there and do it. That’s the theme of this year – doing it. Not just talking about it and figuring out what we need to do. We did all that last year. This year we gotta be about it.”

Needless to say, the Raiders need a win the worst way.

It won’t be easy against a ticked-off Green Bay Packers team that’s fresh off getting embarrassed at home by the rival Detroit Lions … But something’s gotta give.

What is your take on the mess in Vegas?

Can Josh McDaniels and company get their season turned around?