Trevon Diggs Gets Much Less Guaranteed Than Hoped For In New $97 Million Deal

In a swift move following discussions about retaining homegrown talent on long-term deals, the Dallas Cowboys have signed two-time Pro Bowl cornerback Trevon Diggs to a five-year extension, sealing the deal with a staggering $97 million contract.

Included in the deal is an impressive $21.25 million signing bonus.

Diggs will be guaranteed a substantial $42.3 million as part of this new contract. While that is a very significant number, it is much less than he was reported to be looking for.

Previously, Diggs was on track to become an unrestricted free agent after this coming season, but the new deal secures his spot with the Cowboys through the 2028 season.

With potential incentives, the contract could max out at $104 million.

Diggs, a second-round pick from the 2020 draft, has undoubtedly proven his worth on the field, boasting an impressive 17 interceptions within his first three years. Notably, during the 2021 season, Diggs led the entire NFL with a staggering 11 interceptions, tying the franchise record set by Everson Walls.

This feat earned him the prestigious All-Pro honors, making him the first Cowboys cornerback to achieve such recognition since Deion Sanders in 1999.

In a statement reflecting his affection for the team and the city, Diggs had previously said: “Hopefully something gets figured out. I love Dallas. I love being here.”

Now, with the long-term contract in place, Diggs can focus entirely on his game and continue to be a pivotal asset for the Cowboys.

The deal places Diggs among the highest-paid cornerbacks in the league, with an average annual salary of $19.4 million, tying him for fifth place with New Orleans’ Marshon Lattimore.

Topping the list are players like Green Bay’s Jaire Alexander ($21 million), Cleveland’s Denzel Ward ($20.1 million), Miami’s Jalen Ramsey ($20 million), and Baltimore’s Marlon Humphrey ($19.5 million).

Cowboys Executive Vice President, Stephen Jones, expressed his satisfaction with the team’s financial position, particularly after securing Diggs’ contract. “I actually feel really good about where we are, not only in the intermediate but also the long term [regarding the cap],” Jones said.

“I think our contracts are all structured in a good way, and we’re very motivated to sign these young guys.”

With Diggs’ contract secured, the Cowboys are now setting their sights on finalizing deals with other star players, including Pro Bowl wide receiver CeeDee Lamb and right tackle Terence Steele.

Lamb is already under contract through 2024, but Jones and company are aiming to secure him with a long-term deal soon.

Meanwhile, Steele, who is approaching unrestricted free agency after this season, is seen as another crucial piece in the Dallas’ puzzle.

The Cowboys also have promising linebacker Micah Parsons eligible for an extension in 2024. There is also a strong desire to work on a multi-year extension with quarterback Dak Prescott, who is currently signed through 2024.

Before Diggs’ contract extension, the Cowboys boasted $21.8 million in salary cap room, as per NFLPA figures. With strategic financial planning and continued efforts to retain their talented young roster, the Cowboys are positioning themselves for a bright future.

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