Trent Dilfer Makes Shocking Statement

Former quarterback-turned-analyst-turned-coach Trent Dilfer found himself in hot water following his controversial take on modern quarterback play in the NFL – especially after he singled out Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers.

“The modern-day game does not impress me,” Dilfer said in ESPN’s “30 for 30” documentary on the 2000 Baltimore Ravens. “It’s super easy when you don’t get hit as a quarterback and when you can’t reroute receivers and when you can’t hit guys across the middle.

“I love Tom Brady. I love Aaron Rodgers. I love these guys. It’s not impressive. What’s impressive is what (old-school QBs) did.”

For what it’s worth, Dilfer is a very good analyst – But needless to say, there was a long line of people sharpening their knives after this particular take…

Unfortunately for Dilfer, he is widely considered to be the worst quarterback to ever win a Super Bowl (2000 Ravens) – and some fans will never let him forget it…