TRADE RUMOR: Raiders Trade Davante Adams To Rival In Shocking Proposal

An extremely interesting trade proposal is being floated around. It involves the Las Vegas Raiders shipping out their star disgruntled wide receiver Davante Adams.

It’s no secret that Adams’ partnership with his childhood team, the Raiders, has been far from smooth – especially following the departure of his close friend and Fresno State teammate, Derek Carr.

Last year, Adams inked a lucrative five-year, $140 million deal with the Raiders after being acquired via trade from the Green Bay Packers. His decision to join Las Vegas was influenced by his desire to play alongside Carr, with whom he had a strong connection from their time together in college with the Bulldogs.

However, the Raiders made the surprising move to release Carr earlier this offseason, and he subsequently joined the New Orleans Saints in free agency.

The departure of Carr has left many questioning Adams’ future with the team and whether he might become discontented enough to seek a trade. These speculations have sparked several discussions in the football world.

Enter Phil Perry of NBC Sports Boston, who raised the idea of the receiver-needy New England Patriots potentially pursuing the six-time Pro Bowler.

During an appearance on the Patriots Talk Podcast with Tom E. Curran, Perry speculated: “I just wonder if at some point if there’s a big fish out there for them, would they not be interested? Because I just think you need a big fish to become an elite passing game. And so, does somebody like Davante Adams – and this is complete pie-in-the-sky thinking and this is not based on any conversations I’ve had with anybody…”

Perry’s hypothetical scenario is based on the assumption that if the Raiders struggle early in the season and Adams becomes unhappy with the team’s direction, they might consider exploring a trade. The Patriots, with their ample cap space and desire to bolster their passing game, could be a potential landing spot for Adams.

It is worth mentioning that the possibility of a trade could be facilitated by the strong connections between the Raiders management and the Patriots’ organization. Vegas GM Dave Ziegler and Head Coach Josh McDaniels previously worked in Foxborough alongside Bill Belichick before joining the Raiders, potentially making negotiations smoother.

Last season, Adams once again showcased his exceptional talent, amassing an impressive 1,516 receiving yards, breaking the franchise single-season record. His 100 receptions were also just seven shy of the Raiders single-season record set by tight end Darren Waller in 2020.

Normally, most trade proposals that get thrown around are far-fetched with virtually zero chance of actually happening. However, despite this one also being a long-shot, it’s not impossible to imagine happening – especially if Adams continues to be unhappy with McDaniels and the direction of the Raiders.

Having missed out on free agent DeAndre Hopkins, the Patriots still have a glaring need for a true number one receiver. Adams isn’t just a true number one, he is also arguably the best in the entire league (wait your turn, Justin Jefferson).

What do you think about the idea of the Patriots trading for Adams?

If you’re Belichick, how much would you be willing to offer in exchange for him?

For Mac Jones to grow and develop in the ultra-loaded AFC East, having a weapon like Adams sure would help to say the least.