Home NFL Top NFL RB’s Hold Private Zoom Meeting To Discuss Position’s Financial Future

Top NFL RB’s Hold Private Zoom Meeting To Discuss Position’s Financial Future

Top NFL RB’s Hold Private Zoom Meeting To Discuss Position’s Financial Future

Several star NFL running backs came together for a Zoom call over the weekend to discuss the concerning state of the market for players at their position.

Among those confirmed to have participated in the call were Nick Chubb, Saquon Barkley, Derrick Henry, Christian McCaffrey, and Josh Jacobs.

The meeting was organized by Austin Ekeler of the Los Angeles Chargers, who has been vocal about NFL running backs not receiving fair compensation for their contributions on the field.

During the call, the running backs exchanged ideas, but no concrete plans emerged from the discussion. Nick Chubb expressed his frustration, highlighting the unique challenges faced by running backs in the NFL.

“Right now, there’s really nothing we can do. We’re kind of handcuffed with the situation. We’re the only position that our production hurts us the most. It’s tough.. It hurts us at the end of the day,” Chubb said.

Both Barkley and Jacobs were given the franchise tag by their respective teams, the New York Giants and Las Vegas Raiders, but they were unable to secure long-term contracts before the deadline.

As a result, they have not signed their franchise tenders and are not expected to join their teams for training camp unless a resolution is reached. This decision could potentially impact their earnings if they miss regular-season games and forfeit game checks.

In an interview on “The Money Matters” podcast, Barkley admitted that he had considered sitting out the season due to the ongoing contract stalemate with the Giants.

Amidst the discontent over the financial state of their position, several other prominent running backs, including Henry, McCaffrey, Ekeler, and Najee Harris of the Pittsburgh Steelers, expressed their dissatisfaction on Twitter.

Chubb empathized with his fellow running backs, acknowledging the significance of Barkley’s contributions to the Giants: “We’re definitely in a tough situation, running backs as a whole. Saquon’s a great player, and you can ask anyone around the league or even on the Giants how much he means to that team. So it’s hard seeing him not get what he deserves.”

The current financial landscape for running backs in the NFL is also a concern. Notably, Nick Chubb’s 2021 contract with the Browns was the last time a running back signed a long-term deal worth $10 million or more per season.

Although his contract runs through 2024, he has no guaranteed money after this season, illustrating the lack of long-term security for running backs.

At present, McCaffrey holds the title of the highest-paid running back, with an average annual salary of just over $16 million, secured during his tenure with the Carolina Panthers in 2020.

McCaffrey’s contract now extends through the 2025 season, but the disparity in pay among running backs remains a pressing issue.

What is your take on the devaluation of running back’s?

Do they have a legitimate beef? Or is it just a case of “it is what it is”?



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