Top College Football Analyst Names The SEC’s BEST Quarterback

In a recent appearance on the “Always College Football” podcast, former Alabama quarterback and ESPN analyst Greg McElroy made a bold claim regarding the upcoming college football season.

McElroy, known for his insightful analysis, expressed his admiration for Jayden Daniels, the LSU quarterback, proclaiming him as the best quarterback in the SEC.

McElroy’s high praise for Daniels quickly garnered attention from football enthusiasts across the nation.

He highlighted Daniels’ remarkable progression throughout the 2022 season, specifically emphasizing his exceptional performance in LSU’s final game. McElroy’s comments were transcribed by Saturday Down South, adding credibility to his statement.

“The best quarterback returning in the SEC is Jayden Daniels,” McElroy confidently stated during the podcast.

“Tell me a player that looked more comfortable in their final game of the season than the first game of the season than Jayden Daniels. And think about the progression that was made when he played against Florida State to where we saw him in the bowl game when he was completely lights out.”

Daniels, who had an electrifying 2022 season, demonstrated his exceptional skills on the field. He completed an impressive 68.6% of his passes, accumulating 2,913 yards, 17 touchdowns, and remarkably only throwing three interceptions.

His remarkable statistics and consistent performance led McElroy to regard him as the cream of the crop among SEC quarterbacks.

Looking ahead to the upcoming season, Daniels aims to build on his success and propel the LSU Tigers to new heights.

With his impressive track record and the team’s overall strength, the Tigers are expected to be one of the top contenders in the nation.

As the college football season approaches, the spotlight will undoubtedly shine on Daniels as he seeks to validate Greg McElroy’s glowing endorsement.

Football fans eagerly await the kickoff to witness the undeniable talent and potential that he brings to the field.