Tom Brady Revealed To Be A Close Mentor To One Superstar Quarterback Above All

Tom Brady may be retired (again), but it’s clear he’s going to be around the game for the rest of his life. He’s set to join FOX Sports next year as their lead game analyst (apologies to Greg Olsen). 

He’s going to be honored this Sunday at the Patriots-Eagles game in New England. That’s sure to be one of the most memorable scenes of opening weekend, and possibly the entire season.

One may wonder if he’s a mentor to current Patriots quarterback Mac Jones.. Is it possible that Brady is keeping his distance from Jones because he doesn’t want him (and Bill Belichick) to have too much success in his absence?

Okay, that might be a stretch (or maybe not). Regardless, I’m sure Brady would be more than happy to help Jones in any way he can.

Having said that, there’s reportedly one quarterback in particular who Brady is taking an active mentorship role in – and that’s none other than Tom Brady 2.0, aka Joe Burrow. 

“We’ve stayed in contact. He’s helped me some, definitely has. That’s what all the great quarterbacks do across time. They continue to help the young guys impart knowledge on them… I appreciate it,” Burow told Charlie Clifford of WLWT.


With Brady officially retired, Burrow is now part of the next generation of NFL quarterbacks rapidly making their mark on the league. His burgeoning rivalry with Kansas City’s Patrick Mahomes and Buffalo’s Josh Allen will be a joy to watch for years to come.

Burrow has a long way to go to catch up to Brady’s seven Super Bowl rings. But if there’s one thing Brady is jealous of Burrow about, it might be the historic five-year, $275 million extension he just signed with the Bengals.

However, Tom seems to be doing just fine all things considered.

Of the current quarterbacks, who will end up having the best career?

If you were starting a team, would you rather have Burrow or Mahomes?