Tom Brady Details What Exactly His Role With Raiders Will Be

Tom Brady has provided us with plenty of surprises this offseason.

Besides retiring for the second time, it was released announced that he’s buying into ownership of the Las Vegas Raiders.

Although specific details of the deal have not been disclosed, sources close to the matter suggest that it is more than a mere ceremonial investment.

Brady recently spoke with the Associated Press and made it clear that his involvement in running the team would be limited, stating, “I’ll be playing a very passive role.”

Despite his passive approach, the football icon hinted at a long-term commitment, expressing his desire to be associated with the NFL for the rest of his life.

“This is something that I’m interested in doing for the rest of my life,” Brady said during the interview. “This is not something that I’m into it for a year or two years.”

“I’ve got a lot of responsibility with my Fox job, which I take very seriously. But if I’m looking over the course of my life, to have the opportunity to be involved in the NFL is a dream come true.”

Brady’s admiration for the Raiders, an “iconic” NFL franchise, played a significant role in his decision.. He acknowledged the lasting impact of former owner Al Davis and his desire to contribute to the team’s legacy.

“When I look at a lot of the people that have impacted the NFL over a long period of time in the most positive way, Al Davis is one of them,” Brady shared. “And then the opportunity came about to become a minority owner in the Raiders, it was a dream come true for me.”

While Brady’s current stake in the Raiders remains undisclosed, speculation is swirling as to whether he will eventually acquire a larger ownership share and assume a more active role in the team’s management.

Some insiders believe that Brady aspires to become the controlling owner of an NFL franchise in the future.

However, achieving such a goal would require significant financial resources. Despite his successful football career and lucrative endorsement deals, Brady would need to amass considerably more wealth to secure majority ownership of a team.

For now, the football world waits to see how Brady’s relationship with the Raiders unfolds, and whether it marks the beginning of a new chapter in the iconic quarterback’s illustrious career.