This Team Will Stop At Nothing To Acquire Aaron Rodgers

In another addition of “Where the Rodgers Turns,” we are waiting to find out when Aaron will officially start his four-day “darkness retreat”.

It was reported that he was beginning it yesterday, but Pat McAfee said that’s not true and that Rodgers would be a guest on his show today.

Regardless of when this darkness retreat actually happens, NFL insider Peter King, who is as well-connected as anyone, reported that a lot of high-level people in the league are getting sick of Rodgers and feel the juice isn’t worth the squeeze.

“There was eyebrow-raising among a few league or team people I brought this up with, the reaction being: ‘I can see why the Packers would consider trading him. Seems like a good person, but he might be more trouble than he’s worth’… (but) not to the Jets.”

That last part is certainly what’s most eye-catching.

It seems like the Jets are set on Rodgers and willing to do whatever it takes to acquire him.

Recently, the Jets hired Nathaniel Hackett as their new offensive coordinator – a role he used to hold in Green Bay, where he developed a very close relationship with Rodgers…

The Jets still face a lot of hurdles in their pursuit of Rodgers.

There’s certainly no guarantee that the interest is mutual – After all, it’s virtually impossible to get inside Rodgers’ head and try to figure out what he’s thinking.

However, the thought of Rodgers in New York with the Jets sure is an interesting one…

One thing is for sure – the Jets won’t be lacking options…

No matter what Rodgers decides for his future, he knows he is way too great of a player to only have one Super Bowl – and his time is running out…