The Rangers Are Off To A Historic Postseason Start: Here’s The Company They Keep…

The Rangers are off to a remarkable 7-0 start in the 2023 postseason.

After defeating the Houston Astros once again to take a 2-0 series lead in the ALCS, it’s looking more and more like we may be getting a Rangers-Phillies World Series.

How epic would that be???

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, the Rangers still have plenty of work to do and we know the Astros won’t go down without a fight. 

Texas showed plenty of poise as they battled many tense moments to hold onto a 5-4 win in Game 2.



Things won’t be easier going forward – But they do have the luxury of going back home to Arlington where they will be extremely tough to beat. 

With an opportunity to seal the series in front of their home crowd, the Rangers now have a golden opportunity to put a nail in the coffin of their in-state rivals. 

Their 7-0 start ranks among the best-starts in postseason history.

Here are the other clubs who got off to similar playoff winning streaks – and how they ended up faring…

-2014 Royals: 8 games – (Lost in World Series)

-2023 Rangers: 7 games – (Lead ALCS 2-0)

-2022 Astros: 7 games – (Won World Series)

-2020 Braves: 7 games – (Lost in NLCS)

-2007 Rockies: 7 games – (Lost in World Series)

-1976 Reds: 7 games – (Won World Series)

-2017 Dodgers: 6 games – (Lost in World Series)

-2016 Indians: 6 games – (Lost in World Series)

-1970 Orioles: 6 games – (Won World Series)

Looking ahead, do you think the Rangers will end up winning the World Series?

If it’s Texas and Philly, how do you see that series going down?