The Most Pressure-Packed Job In ALL Of College Football…

Joel Klatt is one of the faces of college football.

As Fox Sports’ lead analyst, Klatt is never afraid to be outspoken and opinionated.

During his recent podcast, he spoke about what he felt was the “most pressure-packed” job in all of college football.

“I know that it’s pressure-packed at other places around the country. I don’t know if there is a more intense position, singularly, in college football than the Ohio State quarterback,” Klatt said.

“You name the program and I don’t think they get the scrutiny the Ohio State quarterback gets. That fanbase is ruthless, and you know it, Buckeye fans, I know you. I see you,”

“I’m around you all the time. I do all the games, all the important Ohio State games, all the important Michigan games. The Ohio State fanbase is really hard on their team,”

“And therefore, if you’re in the most prominent position, i.e. the head coach or the quarterback, I think it can be categorized, fairly, as one of if not the most pressure-packed player positions in all of college football.”

Quarterback C.J. Stroud just completed his Buckeye career.

He was scrutinized at times and never won a national championship – but he will be remembered fondly for his time in Columbus.

Now, “the most pressure-packed job” will be handed off to either Kyle McCord or Devin Brown.

Both are competing for the starting job, with McCord expected to win and compete not just for a national championship, but a Heisman trophy as well – an award Stroud never won.

The college football world reacted to Klatt’s interesting take on social media…

“BUT if you play for Ohio State, no other fans love you for life like we do. Even if you make mistakes, we still love you. There is a forever home in Columbus for Ohio State players.”

“BIG10 bias.”

“I’d say he probably had more pressure/eyes on him than any OSU QB before. Followed the success of Haskins/Fields and those wr rooms. Most looked at time OSU QB spot has ever had. Everyone expects excellence.”

“He lost his 3 biggest games with generational WR talent.”