The Jerry Jones – Zack Martin Feud Heads Down Dark Path: Who Will Blink??

Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones has seemingly dashed any hopes of a contract alteration for star guard Zack Martin.

Speaking to reporters during training camp in Oxnard, California, Jones acknowledged the financial constraints of the team and emphasized the need to prioritize payments for emerging talents like linebacker Micah Parsons.

“It’s not about precedent. It’s about facts,” Jones stated. “We need the money to pay Parsons. We need the money to pay the players that we got to pay in the future. It’s a fact. It’s not even a philosophy. It’s just a fact. Those dollars are there, and if you redid all the contracts, then you never could put a roster together.”

This is a strong, and downright blunt, assessment by Jones. Especially considering the fact that Martin is one of the best offensive lineman of this generation and is undoubtedly “underpaid.”

However, Jones made it clear that business is business – so it seems like we’re stuck in a staring contest between the two sides.. Something will have to give, and Jones is confident he won’t be the one giving in.

The 33-year-old Martin, who has two years remaining on his current deal, is holding out of camp in the hope of securing a reworked contract. However, with a cap number of $11.04 million this year, which rises to $23.34 million in 2024, his current deal doesn’t appear to be cap-friendly for the Cowboys.

Martin has proven himself as one of the best right guards in the NFL, earning his sixth First Team All-Pro selection in 2022 and maintaining an impressive track record throughout his career.

Despite his exceptional performance, the financial limitations faced by the Cowboys have complicated negotiations.

While Martin’s contributions have been instrumental to the team’s success, Jones asserted that finding a balance between player compensation and roster composition is critical. “Nothing needs to happen,” Jones commented on the situation moving forward, indicating that the ball is in his court.

Jones highlighted the upcoming financial commitments to young talents like Micah Parsons and the pressing need to address Dak Prescott’s extension as the primary reasons for his current priorities.

The star linebacker Parsons, in particular, has become a key focus for the Cowboys after the recent extension of cornerback Trevon Diggs.

It should be noted that Prescott is doing what any good leader would do – he has been fully supportive of Martin and has urged Jones to “pay the man.”

However, if you take Jones at his word (do so at your own risk), Martin shouldn’t be holding his breath too long.

As the standoff continues, Martin has already missed a week of practice and accumulated $250,000+ in fines. With Jones’ priority seeming to be on players such as Parsons instead of Martin, this is a situation that everyone should keep a close eye on.

Do you agree with the approach Jones is taking?

Does Martin deserve more money?