The Highest-Paid Player On The 1st Place Orioles Hasn’t Played For Them In 3 Years

The first-place Baltimore Orioles find themselves in the midst of a remarkable “Moneyball” story this year.

Not only do they have a small payroll, but their most expensive player is none other than former first baseman Chris Davis, who hasn’t played for the Orioles in three years.

According to data from the @CodifyBaseball Twitter account, Davis is raking in a staggering $14.83 million in 2023, and he’s set to collect a jaw-dropping $56 million over the next 14 years.

This all steams from the colossal seven-year, $161 million contract extension that Davis inked with the Orioles during the 2016 offseason. Needless to say, that turned out to be a total disaster. 

Davis’s last appearance in an Orioles uniform was back in 2020, as a series of injuries sidelined him for the entire 2021 season. In August of that year, Davis made the decision to retire from professional baseball at the age of 35.

However, thanks to the unique structure of his contract, he’ll continue to receive substantial paychecks for the next decade and a half.

While the highest-paid player distinction goes to Davis, the current Orioles roster features other notable players in terms of salary.

Veteran catcher James McCann leads the pack with a salary of $12.5 million, followed by starting pitcher Kyle Gibson at $10 million. Infielder Adam Frazier rounds out the top three with a payroll salary of $8 million.

Davis undoubtedly played a pivotal role in the Orioles journey to the postseason in 2012, 2014, and 2016. Despite a high strikeout rate and a modest batting average of .230 during his ten-year tenure with Baltimore, Davis was a formidable slugger, boasting six seasons with 26 or more home runs, including a career-high 53 homers in the 2013 season.

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