Home NFL The Funny Yet Regrettable Story Of The 49ers Being “Jerks” To Maxx Crosby In Pre-Draft Process

The Funny Yet Regrettable Story Of The 49ers Being “Jerks” To Maxx Crosby In Pre-Draft Process

The Funny Yet Regrettable Story Of The 49ers Being “Jerks” To Maxx Crosby In Pre-Draft Process
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Maxx Crosby, the dominant edge rusher for the Las Vegas Raiders, had an opportunity to remind the San Francisco 49ers of what could have been during a joint practice on Thursday.

Crosby’s tackle for loss caught the attention of 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan, prompting a conversation that highlighted the intriguing journey Crosby has undertaken since being drafted by the Raiders.

Crosby, a standout player hailing from Eastern Michigan, left an impression on Shanahan during their interaction.

“We were kind of jerks to him in our interview when he came out of college, and he’s really one of the coolest dudes I’ve seen or been around and one of the best players in this league,” Shanahan candidly admitted.

He expressed his admiration for Crosby’s resilience and growth since the draft.

Shanahan reflected on the team’s pre-draft approach, revealing that their defensive line coach, Kris Kocurek, took an assertive stance during Crosby’s interview, testing his response to confrontation.

General Manager John Lynch, recognizing the intensity, intervened to temper Kocurek’s approach.

“But Maxx was a stud,” Shanahan praised. “He didn’t care at all. He did not waver and handled it as well as anyone could.”

Crosby, who carries the memories of his pre-draft interviews with him, discussed his recollections of that time.

“I feel like every single team that I interviewed with didn’t take me seriously,” Crosby remarked. His humility was palpable as he chose not to delve into specifics, avoiding naming the teams that had overlooked him.

The 49ers had their reasons for passing on Crosby in the 2019 draft. You can’t exactly kill them for it since they did draft Nick Bosa with the second overall pick.

Needless to say, that was one of the greatest draft picks in San Francisco history as Bosa has become arguably the best defensive player in the entire NFL. 

The 49ers also drafted Deebo Samuel in the second round of that 2019 draft. In other words, I think Shanahan and Lynch can rest quite easy at night. However, Crosby would have been nice as well.

As Crosby and Shanahan shared a conversation on the practice field, it was evident that the past experiences had transformed into mutual respect.

Crosby’s journey from being dismissed by some teams to becoming a standout player in the league is a testament to his determination and character.

To Crosby’s credit, he has become one of the best defensive players in football. As recognized as he is, you can definitely make the argument that he is still vastly underrated across the league. 

He spoke about how important winning is to him – and his words were music and motivation to every Raider fans ears. 

“You know, for me, I just worry about the day. I’m worried about getting better today and then tomorrow when it gets here, I’m worried about that,” Crosby said. “Every single day, I come in here, I think about winning. I don’t do this year ‘round to come in and not make the playoffs – I’m sick of that sh*t. And I want to keep winning.”

“I want to get back in the playoffs. I want to be in Cincinnati on the road in a hostile environment – that’s why I play the game. That’s why I work the way I work. I come here and I do this all year. And, like I said, I want to win championships. I want to be at the top of the game. I want to be the #1 guy, regardless of position. But I work for that every single day.

“So, yeah, I’m fired up for this organization. I love all the people in here. And I’m really just trying to be my best version of myself and lead by example.”

Where do you rank Crosby among the best pass rushers in the NFL?

It might unrealistic, but imagine a defensive line with Bosa AND Crosby???



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