The Bears WR’s Have A Brutally Honest Opinion On Justin Fields … Should Chicago Get Rid Of Him??

After a tough 20-17 loss to the Cleveland Browns that dropped the Chicago Bears to 5-9 on the season, quarterback Justin Fields found support from his teammates, particularly wide receivers Darnell Mooney and DJ Moore.

Fields has struggled mightily thus far in his NFL career and many Bears fans are ready to move off of him … His teammates, however, strongly have his back. 

“Justin is the quarterback of the future,” Mooney said. “He’s this franchise’s quarterback. He’s been balling. I don’t understand why it’s any more questions of that. Obviously, we have the first-round pick because of Carolina right now but Justin’s a dog.”

“If he’s not here, he’ll be somewhere else balling. I’m not the guy that makes those decisions, but Justin’s a dog. So, wherever he may be, if it’s not here, somewhere else, he’s still going to ball.”

Moore sung a similar tune…

“I’m still like, bruh, where are y’all seeing this?” Moore said. “What makes him not the quarterback for the Chicago Bears right now? I get y’all got everybody coming out. What, it’s like two of them [referring to USC’s Caleb Williams and North Carolina’s Drake Maye]? I don’t think they’re better than Justin.”

With Chicago currently holding the #1 overall pick, acquired from the Carolina Panthers, speculation has risen about the possibility of drafting a quarterback to replace Fields in April’s draft.

The decision will certainly be one of the biggest storylines of the upcoming offseason.

Moore doubled-down on his support of Fields during an appearance on 670 AM The Score in Chicago.

“Just being here for the whole season now and part of the offseason, I’ve seen him grow and I can see where he wants to be and where he’s headed towards,” he said.

“So, I’m like, I don’t really see how they could say that he’s not the quarterback for the Chicago Bears right now. “He’s been doing everything that’s asked of him, keeping us in games and stuff like that.”

“His growth has been phenomenal, I would say. The outside noise, I’ve heard it for two weeks now from the media in the locker room and they’ve got to do it to do it. But at the end of the day, I’m standing by what I said this past weekend.”

Fields spoke very confidently about himself when he met reporters yesterday, pointing to the improvement he believes he’s made over the past three years. 

He also made sure to thank his teammates for having his back and sticking up for him in the face of all the criticism.

Despite what Fields and his teammates say, most Bears fans seem done with him.

After all, he hasn’t done much to make even the blindest of Bears fans believe that he is TRULY a franchise quarterback.

Perhaps he one day will … But his time may indeed be running out.

What are your thoughts on Fields?

Have you see enough? … Should the Bears move on and draft his replacement?

Or do you think deep down he has what it takes to be an elite quarterback in the NFL???