Texas Coach Sarkisian Responds to Big 12’s Yormark Amid Move to SEC

Big 12’s head, Brett Yormark, might not be on Texas’ holiday guest list, especially if Longhorns coach Steve Sarkisian has any say.

In an event earlier in August, Yormark had a chat with Texas Tech’s coach Joey McGuire, encouraging him to “take care of business” in their upcoming game against the Longhorns. Sarkisian took note, especially since he received a letter about good sportsmanship from Yormark just the day before.

Sarkisian shared, “You know I got a letter from the commissioner about sportsmanship the day before that speech,” and wondered out loud about the mixed messages being sent. He quipped that Yormark probably won’t be joining them for Thanksgiving dinner right before their game.

Last year, Texas Tech managed to secure a win against Texas, their first since 2017, in a thrilling game that ended 37-34 in favor of the Red Raiders. This year’s game has added significance as it’s likely the last time they’ll face each other for a while. Texas, along with Oklahoma, plans to leave the Big 12 for the SEC in July 2024.

The Longhorns, predicted by many to shine in the Big 12 this year, are well aware they’re the team to beat. This sentiment isn’t new; another Big 12 official, Tim Weiser, had earlier said that Texas would prefer a loss to Alabama over Kansas State.

Right now, Texas is gearing up for their opening game against Rice. With the support of their fans, Sarkisian and his team aim to make a lasting impression in their final Big 12 season. As Sarkisian puts it, “We know who’s behind us. And that’s okay. Now let’s go play.”