Steve Spurrier Gives His Honest Take On The Future Of Florida State: Should The SEC Grab Them??

In the midst of major reshuffling in college athletics, Florida State is reportedly considering a bold move to exit the ACC and potentially join the SEC or the Big Ten.

Of course, such a move is much easier said than done. But it’s no secret that the Seminoles are unhappy in the ACC, especially during this time of collegiate musical chairs.

This development comes as the conference landscape experiences seismic shifts, with notable changes including Colorado, Arizona, Arizona State, and Utah making their way to the Big 12, while Washington and Oregon are set to depart for the Big Ten.

The Pac-12, which is slated to have only four surviving schools beginning in 2024, faces an extremely challenging future, and the ACC’s stability is also under question.

In light of these changes, legendary college football coach Steve Spurrier weighed in on FSU’s potential move to the SEC, believing it could be a good fit for the Seminoles.

“Yea, if they [Florida State] come into the SEC, heck, that would be good, I think,” Spurrier expressed in an interview with Mike Bianchi of iHeartRadio.

Spurrier, renowned for his six SEC championships and one national championship while coaching the Florida Gators, has had numerous showdowns with FSU during his career.

Spurrier’s insights into FSU’s potential move reveal that these discussions are not entirely new. He recalled that the program had a “chance” to join the SEC back in 1992, right before the university ultimately joined the ACC.

The decision not to proceed at that time, Spurrier noted, may have been influenced by concerns about the formidable SEC schedule, featuring powerhouses like Alabama, Auburn, Tennessee, and Georgia.

“I remember Bobby Bowden said, ‘I don’t wanna play that [SEC] schedule – Alabama, Auburn, Tennessee, Georgia,'” Spurrier recounted to Bianchi. “Of course, their schedule was tough enough since they played us and Miami.”

Florida State’s potential departure from the ACC is likely to be a complex and challenging process.

The conference’s Grant of Rights and the anticipated hefty exit fee pose significant obstacles for the Seminoles. The move would require careful negotiation and consideration on numerous fronts.

Clearly, the SEC and Big Ten are by far and away the two healthiest conferences in the country. The Pac-12 may soon be extinct, while things aren’t much brighter for the ACC. 

What do you think Florida State should do?

Who is the more valuable football program – Florida State or Clemson?

Should the two of them, along with Miami, do whatever it takes to join the SEC?