Stephen A. Smith Pisses A WHOLE LOT Of People Off With Who He Thinks Is The Greatest Quarterback Of All-Time … Is He CRAZY?!?

Super Bowl week is upon us and one of the hot-button topics is where Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ place in history will be if Kansas City wins beat the 49ers on Sunday.

Will winning another Super Bowl catapult Mahomes past Tom Brady as the greatest quarterback of in NFL history?

Leave it to Stephen A. Smith to be extremely outspoken on the topic…

“Mahomes is great. He’s phenomenal. He’s the greatest ever. We get all of that. They ended up scoring 17 points (in the AFC Championship Game), even though that doesn’t speak to how effective they were when it really, really counted and how him and Kelce were doing,” Stephen A. said.

“You know who you’re going up against. It wasn’t CJ Stroud – a rookie … This was Patrick Mahomes. A two-time Super Bowl champion, universally recognized as arguably the greatest ever, until yesterday when we’re going to say the greatest ever. You knew you were going against that dude,” he emphatically added.

Former quarterback and fellow ESPN’er Dan Orlovsky echoed Smith’s sentiments, emphasizing Mahomes’ historical standing in the league.

“This is about the best player in the history of the game – Patrick Mahomes,” Orlovsky said.

“Tom Brady could be the GOAT, because he’s got the Super Bowls. [Mahomes is] the best player in the history of the game. We are taking for granted greatness, myself included,” Orlovsky added.

“What Patrick Mahomes did (against the Baltimore Ravens), against the best defense in arguably the last 10 years in the NFL, is absolutely remarkable.”

Understandably, a whole bunch of people are upset about the “hot-takes” of Smith and Orlovsky.

There’s no denying Mahomes’ greatness … He’s just entering the prime of his career and he will seemingly only get better and better.

However, it’s borderline reckless to put Mahomes over Brady in the “GOAT” debate right now.

Maybe he’ll one day claim the top spot … But right now, right this second, you can’t say with a straight face that Mahomes is better than Brady.

What are your thoughts?

Do you agree with Smith and Orlovsky? … Or are you a part of the majority that believes no matter what happens on Sunday, Brady is still the top dog – at least for now.

Where do you stand???