Stephen A. Smith Gives Outrageous Shohei Ohtani Take, Leaving The Baseball World Speechless

Stephen A. Smith is a massively popular personality on ESPN. Most people enjoy his smooth yet in-your-face style of commentary. 

It’s no secret his area of expertise is the NBA. He’s as well connected as there is and his words and opinions carry heavy weight across the league. 

Having said that, when it comes to football, he is sometimes exposed for not being the most intelligent of analysts. But that’s nowhere near the low level he’s at when it comes to baseball.

Fans often get a good laugh whenever he screws something up when it comes to an MLB take. 

He struck again in this department yesterday while talking about Angels two-way phenom Shohei Ohtani on his First Take show. 

During a segment, Smith questioned whether Ohtani deserved to be the first player in Major League Baseball history to secure a $500 million contract, citing concerns about the quality of Ohtani’s Los Angeles Angels teammates and fan attendance during his games.

Smith argued that the Angels lack of success as a team, along with the fact that he sees “a bunch of empty seats” during Ohtani’s appearances at Angel Stadium and on the road, should prevent him from reaching the $500 million mark. 

While it’s true the Angels have severely underperformed as a team, that’s certainly not Ohtani’s fault in the least bit. 

Also, what Smith said about attendance is simply not true, as Codify pointed out on X…

“The Angels have had higher road attendance this year than every other American League team except the New York Yankees.”

Anyone who follows baseball knows exactly how special Ohtani is and what he’d bring to a (healthy and functional) franchise. 

Ohtani currently leads all hitters in weighted on-base average and is the Angels only starting pitcher with an ERA below 4.00 (3.14).

According to Codify, the Angels lead baseball in road attendance increase from 2022 to 2023 (+25%)…



What do you think about Stephen A’s comments?

What type of contract do you believe Ohtani is worth?

Where do you think he should sign?