Home NCAA Social Media Buzzes Over TCU Freshman ‘Big Bubba Brooks’ Dominating Team Practice (VIDEO)

Social Media Buzzes Over TCU Freshman ‘Big Bubba Brooks’ Dominating Team Practice (VIDEO)

Social Media Buzzes Over TCU Freshman ‘Big Bubba Brooks’ Dominating Team Practice (VIDEO)
(Credit: Rivals)

People online are buzzing about Brione Ramsey from Texas Christian University during his practice sessions.

Ramsey, a newcomer, stood out during the summer because of his towering height of 6โ€™5โ€ and weighing 455 lbs. Many were curious about how someone so big would perform during a game. A recent video from a TCU practice revealed that Ramsey has a lot to offer.



Despite his large build, Ramsey displays surprising speed and flexibility, moving swiftly in all directions. In the video, those playing against him had a tough time, as Ramsey easily overpowered them, even adding a few remarks to highlight his strength. This display got many fans talking about his potential.

Already popular among fans, Ramsey’s skills suggest that he’s more than just a talking point. If he can consistently demonstrate such skills in actual games, he might get more time on the field.

TCU is riding high from recent victories, including a win against the highly-regarded Michigan Wolverines, though they later faced defeat against the top-ranked University of Georgia. They’re hoping for another successful run in 2023.

It’s still uncertain if Ramsey will be the boost TCU is looking for, but his impressive performance is bound to make many opponents a bit nervous.


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