Skip Bayless Suggests Bill Belichick As Potential Defensive Coordinator

The Washington Commanders have made their move, hiring Dan Quinn as their new head coach, marking the last piece in the puzzle of the NFL’s head coaching vacancies for the 2024 season. However, this leaves Bill Belichick, the legendary coach of the New England Patriots, without a team for the upcoming season.

With the Commanders’ announcement, all the top coaching positions have been filled, but there’s an interesting suggestion regarding Belichick’s next move. The Dallas Cowboys currently have an open spot at defensive coordinator, and some NFL analysts believe that Belichick could be a perfect fit for this role.

Fox Sports’ Skip Bayless raised the intriguing possibility, saying, “If Jerry is so close with Belichick, why not see if he’d coordinate the Cowboys’ defense for a year as he waits for his next job? Isn’t he ‘the greatest defensive mind ever’? Hasn’t he always pretty much been a glorified DC even during the NE dynasty years? Do it, Jerry.”

Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, expressed his willingness to work with Belichick during a recent appearance at the Senior Bowl. Jones mentioned that he considers Belichick not only a respected colleague but also a friend. “I know him personally, and I like him,” Jones stated. “There’s no doubt in my mind we could work together. None.”

While Belichick’s expertise in defense is unquestioned, there are potential challenges in bringing him to Dallas. Belichick may seek a level of organizational control that the Cowboys might not be willing to provide.

The NFL community will be watching closely to see if the Cowboys reach out to Belichick regarding the vacant coordinator position. It could be an intriguing match for both parties, potentially leading to a dynamic partnership in the world of American football.