“SH*T SAD!!”: Damar Hamlin & Antonio Brown Engage In Crazy Back-&-Forth After Insulting Comment … Whose Side Are You On??

Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin has hit out at disgraced former NFL star Antonio Brown after AB shared an insensitive post about him on social media.

The exchange between the two unfolded on X, with Hamlin expressing his disgust over Brown’s actions.

The 35-year-old Brown responded to a post asking users to name a fictional character’s death they have not gotten over by posting a photo of Hamlin.

The insensitive move drew criticism from Hamlin.

In his response to Brown’s post, Hamlin wrote: “You just DM me on Monday? guess you playing lame games on twitter with my situation because I ain’t DM you back.”

“I pray God don’t ever let me turn into a burnt out old head like you.. I used to look up to you damn near s*** sad frfr. Talk bout a clone bring the real AB back!”

Hamlin also exposed old direct messages from Brown, urging him to step away from social media amid his recent controversial behavior.

“Been in my DM over a year talking to yourself,” Hamlin stated alongside a screenshot of the messages.

Brown responded by seemingly suggesting that someone else was operating his account.

However, Hamlin’s criticisms stood firm, highlighting the need for Brown to set a better example. (Or at the very least just refrain from acting so outrageously offensive.)

“You was supposed to be an example setter. Now you the biggest weirdo we know! Get off twitter & go do some work with some kids or something. #PrayForAB,” Hamlin added with a clown emoji at the end.

This is far from the first time Brown has stirred controversy on social media with offensive comments and antics. 

He has targeted other NFL stars, including Tom Brady and Travis Kelce, through various posts. 

Once considered one of best players in the entire NFL, Brown has suffered one of the biggest falls from grace in sports history – and it’s all his own doing. 

When he’s not battling his numerous legal issues, he seemingly spends his days waiting for people to take his bait on social media. 

What are your thoughts on the exchange between AB and Hamlin?

Do you think Brown will ever get his act together?

Or is he a lost cause at this point???