Should Colorado Offer Deion Sanders A Lifetime Contract??: Prime Offers His Thoughts…

Colorado Buffaloes head coach Deion Sanders has been the talk of college football ever since leading the Buffs to their week one upset win over the TCU Horned Frogs. 

The topic of a “lifetime contract” at Colorado has been brought up.

Obviously, in the back of everyone’s minds is the thought that Sanders may (will) one day leave Boulder. 

Sanders gave his thoughts on the matter…

“That’s a wonderful gesture. I love it. But I’m smart enough to know and old and wise enough to know that that can flip on you instantaneously,” he said. “The fan only blows when you’re hot. My mama said that. Not me. So if y’all want to get mad, get mad at my mama.”

Prime has always been smooth at the mic – you have to give him that.

His current contract is reportedly valued at $29.5 million over five years. The former NFL star and Hall of Famer has been instrumental in elevating the team’s profile and bringing unprecedented attention to the Colorado program.

The Buffaloes, who are currently sitting at a 3-2 record, recently faced back-to-back losses against top-10 opponents in Oregon and USC.

Despite these setbacks, Sanders has already tripled the team’s win total from the previous year. His presence on the sidelines has also drawn celebrities, pregame shows, and massive viewership to the program.

What are your thoughts on Sanders and the job he’s doing?

What do you think his next move will be?