SHOCKING Report On How CHEAP The Yankees Are

With all due respect to the Cowboys, the New York Yankees are the biggest brand in American sports.

The franchise is worth over $6 billion and has been known to be first-class through and through.

Which is exactly why people were amazed at a shocking fact that Sports Illustrated discovered.

Turns out the Yankees charge their own players to use Wi-Fi on the team plane.

For a prestigious professional franchise that’s worth a fortune, it’s downright unbelievable that this would be the case.

To prove how rare it is, the only other MLB franchise to charge their players for Wi-Fi is the Cincinnati Reds.

Which means every other team, including the notoriously cheap Pirates and Athletics provide free Wi-Fi for their players – but the Yankees don’t.

Truly unbelievable. 

General manager Brian Cashman is known to be quite a smartass – which is why his comment on the report was so on-brand…

“I think most of our players can afford it,” Cashman told Sports Illustrated.

Of course they can afford it Brian.. But it’s the principle!!!

The cost of offering free Wi-Fi for the entire season is approximately $40,000.

Make no mistake about it – owner Hal Steinbrenner wipes his ass with $40K.

Former Yankees pitcher Jameson Taillon spoke about the insane policy…

“I didn’t pay for it, on principle,” Taillon told SI. “I will say, also, the Yankees fly on a pretty cool custom plane with poker tables and stuff. So I would take that over free Wi-Fi, if I’m being honest.”

Captain Aaron Judge used the situation as an opportunity to plug one of his sponsors…

“I’ve got T-Mobile, so I don’t have to worry about it,” Judge told SI.

T-Mobile customers get free Wi-Fi on Delta flights (which is the Yankees’ exclusive airline).

Former Yankee Brett Gardner had the most hilarious comment, telling ace Gerrit Cole “It’s your fault.. Your contract is too big, so they can’t pay for the Wi-Fi”…

The baseball world reacted to the crazy news on social media…

“heckling yankee players by asking them the wifi password.”

“every line is a gem but my favorite is “an in-flight Wi-Fi plan for one team for one year costs approximately $40,000—or about the price of four Cole pitches.”

“OMG they have to pay for their own Wi-Fi? When will this abomination end?”

“I see some out of touch reporters are trying to act like the Yankees making millionaires pay 9 bucks for wifi is a crime against humanity.. Nobody feels bad for them if you want to talk about something more realistic let’s talk tax cuts and making cost of living more reasonable.”

“I think we can all guess which Yankee executive is responsible for that policy.”