Shannon Sharpe Bashes Travis Kelce For Attending World Series Prior To KC’s No-Show Loss To Denver

The Kansas City Chiefs were virtual no-shows in their disappointing loss to the Denver Broncos on Sunday.

There were reports that quarterback Patrick Mahomes was sick – but the fact is no one on the Chiefs resembled themselves in the 24-9 blowout defeat.

Hall of Fame tight end Shannon Sharpe expressed his annoyance at one player in particular – Travis Kelce (have you heard of him??)

Speaking to former wide receiver great Chad Johnson on his “Nightcap” podcast, Sharpe didn’t hold back his criticism of Kelce.

Sharpe hinted at Kelce being distracted by all the Taylor Swift hoopla and firmly believes that he had no business attending Game 1 of the World Series in Texas on the Friday before the Denver road-trip. 

“I’m kind of disappointed because Friday night, he was at the Rangers game,” Sharpe said.

“What’s wrong with that?” Johnson asked.

“It’s the middle of the season. What do you mean what’s wrong with that?” Sharpe shot back.

“I know the Chiefs lost, I know Mahomes didn’t have a game, I know Travis Kelce didn’t have a game. But you’re not going to tell me you can’t enjoy yourself on a Friday night, which is a short day?’ Johnson replied. 

“It was in Texas. He lives in Kansas City,” Sharpe responded, referring to the 560-mile distance between Arlington and Kansas City.

“Oh sh*t … Do you think it was a bad look though?’ Johnson asked Sharpe.

“It’s an awful look. It’s a terrible look … Ocho, you do realize, this is the NFL. You have a game on Sunday … Every coach I’ve ever played for has always told us one thing on Friday: ‘Make sure you get off your feet,'” Sharpe said. 

Despite Kelce’s solid contribution on the field, finishing with six catches for 58 yards, Sharpe certainly has a very strong point.

What do you think about Kelce attending the World Series prior to the game against the Broncos?

Will all the off-field stuff catch up with him?

Or is this whole thing overblown?