Shane Steichen Reveals When Jonathan Taylor’s Coming Back: But Will The Drama End??

One of the biggest storylines of NFL training camp is the ongoing drama between disgruntled Indianapolis running back Jonathan Taylor and the Colts front office – mainly Owner Jim Irsay.

Taylor was reportedly sent away from the team so he can focus on rehabbing injuries. However, most assumed that move was made to prevent Taylor from being a bigger distraction than he already is. 

The question is when can we expect Taylor back with the Colts, and how does this whole saga end?

Well, we received an answer to the first question at least.

Colts Head Coach Shane Steichen provided an update on the situation and revealed that Taylor’s return to camp was imminent.

“He should be back this week,” Steichen assured. “Do I know the exact date he’ll be back? No, but he should be back.”

Taylor is battling a nagging ankle injury and is unhappy with his contract situation. He has requested a trade from the Colts – a request that Irsay doesn’t seem the least bit interested in entertaining. 

There’s no denying that Taylor is one of the best running backs in the league (some may argue THE best).

However, he’s clearly become a headache for the Colts, and this situation seems to get uglier by the day.

Taylor reporting back to camp will be a step in the right direction, but if neither side changes their tune, it’s hard to imagine bright skies in Indy this season.

What do you think Irsay and the Colts should do?

Where do you rank Taylor among the best running backs in the NFL?