“Selfless” Aaron Rodgers Takes Massive Pay Cut: Will He Play Past 2024??

In a surprising move that must have angered the Green Bay Packers, new Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers has completely reworked his contract – voluntarily reducing his salary by approximately $35 million over the next two seasons.

The deal, which has been in the works for weeks, will provide major financial flexibility for the Jets organization as they look to build as competitive of a team as they possibly can in the next few seasons. 

Rodgers, who is 39 years old, inked a fully guaranteed two-year, $75 million contract. This decision came after he was initially set to make close to $110 million in guarantees on his previous contract.

The considerable pay cut is an uncommon occurrence in the league, but Rodgers’ willingness to take this step has garnered praise and admiration in the football world. 

“The team gave up significant pieces for it to be just a one-year deal. I’m aware of that.. Anything could happen with my body or the success we have this year, but I’m having a blast, so I really don’t see this as a one-year-and-done thing,” Rodgers stated during a post-practice media session, reaffirming his commitment to the Jets.

Rodgers’ trade to the Jets came in April, making a huge splash in the NFL headlines. The quarterback’s arrival has already energized the Jets, a team that has endured an NFL-worst 12-year playoff drought.

Players and coaches alike have praised Rodgers for his knowledge of the game and his all-in approach.

“I mean, the guy glows in the dark,” said Jets coach Robert Saleh. “He’s a pretty damn good quarterback.”

To facilitate his trade from the Green Bay Packers, Rodgers restructured his contract with his former team, shifting a fully guaranteed $58.3 million option bonus into 2024.

Although this move provided flexibility for the Jets in 2023 with a minimal cap charge, it left a hefty cap impact in 2024, totaling $107.6 million. Consequently, Rodgers and the Jets agreed to rework the contract to navigate this issue.

Under the new agreement, Rodgers will receive a $35 million roster bonus in four days, along with a $1.8 million salary. In 2024, his salary will amount to $38.2 million. Technically, the contract runs through 2027, incorporating two option years to mitigate the cap impact of the $35 million roster bonus.

Having spent 15 years with the Green Bay Packers, Rodgers is adjusting to life in the Big Apple and is excited about the new chapter in his career. “We’ve all turned the page. It’s a new chapter. I think it’s going to be exciting for Green Bay, moving on. It’s definitely been really fun for me out here,” he shared.

With his sights set on playing until at least 40, Rodgers has taken significant measures to extend his career. Embracing the approach taken by Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady, who is still actively playing at 45, Rodgers has adopted a disciplined diet and training regimen.

“Obviously, Tom [Brady] set the standard playing at 45, which is crazy, but less crazy when you start to get closer to that because you still love the game, and you want to be there doing it,” Rodgers explained. “If you take care of yourself the right way, you put yourself in a position to at least entertain that thought.”

Based on this rejuvenated team-first version of Rodgers that we’re seeing, how much longer do you see him playing in the NFL?

Do you think he will end up winning a Super Bowl with the Jets? (What a story that would be.)