SEASON OVER!!!: The Best Reactions From The Jets Worst Nightmare Coming True

If you are a Jets fan (apologies) or have any Jets fans in your life, then you are well-aware of the tortured existence that comes with the life.

The talk of the entire NFL for the past six months has been Aaron Rodgers. The level of hype surrounding his new venture as quarterback of the New York Jets reached unprecedented levels.

The entire sports world was glued to ESPN last night as the Jets hosted the rival Buffalo Bills on what promised to be a euphoric debut for Rodgers and his new team.

And then the ball kicked off…

As you all know, on his VERY FIRST series of the season, Rodgers suffered what appeared to be a torn Achilles tendon as he was sacked by Buffalo’s Leonard Floyd.

You can’t make it up… You just can’t.

The instant reactions came fast and furious on social media…

“Aaron Rodgers gets injured early in 1st Jets game… Trading for a franchise QB only for him to get injured on the first drive is the most Jets thing I’ve ever seen.”

“Just give him some hallucinogens and he will be fine! Back to 100 percent,”

“That’s what he gets for trying to copy Favre again… maybe he can go to Minnesota next year too…”

“feel awful for him and the jets fans.” — “Don’t trip, they should be used to it by now lol.”

“The #Jets paid #AaronRodgers $75 million guaranteed to run down the field with an American flag.”

“Jets fans: ‘Thank God we finally have a franchise QB, Super Bowl here we come!’ — God:”

Shockingly, the Jets still managed to win the game in dramatic fashion thanks to rookie Xavier Gipson’s 65-yard walk-off punt return touchdown which sealed an improbable 22-16 overtime victory for Gang Green.

Bills quarterback Josh Allen was inexplicably reckless all game long and had four sloppy turnovers, including three interceptions and one amateurish fumble.

As bad as Allen was, you have to give credit to the Jets for hanging in the fight and ultimately prevailing. Backup quarterback Zach Wilson held the fort. Running back Breece Hall was explosive. Star wide receiver Garrett Wilson made a miraculous touchdown grab.

Oh, and that Jets defense wasn’t too shabby, were they???

It all added up to a remarkable Jets victory that capped off a night of wide-ranging emotions for Gang Green Nation…

“Hard Knocks star Xavier Gipson returns the punt for a 65-yard game-winning touchdown… #Jets pull it off without Aaron Rodgers… WHAT. A. GAME.”


“Game of the year candidate in Week 1, my goodness.”

“Zach Wilson was really the best qb that played in MetLife this weekend.”

“Zach Wilson MVP.”

“Impressive win. Showed great heart.”

“Jets fans everywhere are sure happy Xavier Gipson made the team” — “Damn right they are.”

“Xavier Gipson: Zero Power 5 Offers, UDFA, Makes the Roster, Wins the Game on a Punt Return — What an amazing story from the #Jets ROOKIE!”

What are your thoughts on the craziness that we all witnessed last night?

Jets head coach Robert Saleh said the plan is to stick with Wilson at quarterback in Rodgers’ absence – But should the Jets think about signing Carson Wentz or Matt Ryan?

How about Tom Brady??? Kidding, of course…

(Kind of.)