Sean Payton Cracks The Whip At Broncos Camp, Bans Players From Wearing Certain Hats

When a new coach takes the helm of an NFL team, changes are inevitable – from playbook adjustments to team dynamics.

On that note, new Denver Broncos head coach Sean Payton has turned his attention to his players’ fashion choices on the sidelines, particularly their headgear.

“I don’t want to see uniforms off after we’re done playing, sunglasses on, Gilligan’s hats on, interviews during the game. That’s what I don’t want to see,” Payton said.

The reference to “Gilligan hats” raised eyebrows among a few reporters, prompting questions about Payton’s specific aversion to the popular bucket hats.

Known for his preference for visors, Payton seemed to hint that he found the casual nature of bucket hats to be unfitting for the intensity of an NFL sideline. 

Payton’s approach to sideline attire is only one aspect of the changes he’s implementing.

In a move that has already sparked anticipation among fans, Payton confirmed that star quarterback Russell Wilson and some of the other key starters would see playing time throughout preseason games.

As he said earlier, his Broncos are going to do the complete opposite of the 2022 squad.

As Denver enters the season under Payton’s leadership, it remains to be seen whether his emphasis on sideline professionalism will contribute to the team’s overall performance.

Having said that, there’s no denying his track record.

When it’s all said and done, will Payton win a Super Bowl in Denver?