Sauce Gardner Names The Four Best Receivers In The NFL: Do You Agree With His List??

New York Jets standout cornerback Sauce Gardner has quickly become a household name in the NFL after an ultra-impressive rookie season.

He clinched coveted honors such as Rookie of the Year, a Pro Bowl selection, and First-Team All-Pro. The expectation is that he will be a top-tier shutdown corner for years to come.

Sauce is currently preparing to face Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills in the Jets Monday Night Football showdown against their rivals. 

Speaking to The Spun, Sauce was asked who he thinks the best wide receivers are in the NFL. After deep thought, he named four that stood out to him the most. 

“I would probably say Davante Adams, Justin Jefferson, Stefon Diggs, Tyreek Hill… The fifth one’s always hard. I only got four,” Gardner said during the interview. 

Gardner, who has emerged as a lockdown cornerback, will face off against Diggs and Hill twice a year as division rivals. He already squared off against Jefferson last season, and he’s eagerly awaiting his first matchup against Adams, scheduled for this November.

What do you think about Sauce’s list?

Who are your top 4 (or 5) wide receivers in the league?