Saquon Barkley Of The Giants Shares Insights On Loyalty In Football: ‘Don’t Mean Nothing’

New York Giants running back Saquon Barkley delivered a candid perspective on the business side of football, expressing that “loyalty means nothing” in the sport. Barkley, who is currently playing under the franchise tag after failed contract negotiations in the offseason, emphasized that football is ultimately a business, and loyalty doesn’t necessarily impact contractual decisions.

Despite the challenging situation, Barkley remains focused on his performance and the love of the game. He acknowledged the unique position of premier running backs, where heavy workloads can affect their value in contract negotiations. However, Barkley is determined to concentrate on playing at a high level and taking care of his body, leaving contract discussions for a later time.

The running back, who leads the Giants in rushing yards, expressed a desire to remain with the team for his entire career, emphasizing the importance of legacy. As he faces the possibility of another contract negotiation, Barkley aims to approach the situation with a focus on the game and his performance, maintaining a one-day-at-a-time mentality.

Despite dealing with lingering effects from a high ankle sprain, Barkley is committed to playing through discomfort and contributing to his team. Looking ahead to the matchup against the Washington Commanders, Barkley anticipates being on the field and competing at a high level, emphasizing his dedication to the game he loves.