Saquon Barkley Caves As Giants GM Joe Schoen Refuses To Budge An Inch

After months of dramatic negotiations, the New York Giants have successfully secured star running back Saquon Barkley’s return for the upcoming season.

One thing is for certain – the whole situation proved to be a major victory for General Manager Joe Schoen, who never once blinked or budged off his stance.

Meanwhile, there’s no doubt Barkley regretting passing up two much better offers that he previously had on the table. It’s clear he received horrible advice from his representation and greatly overplayed his hand. 

In the end, both sides can get back to focusing on football and the upcoming season. It’s safe to say Barkley will be playing with an extra chip on his shoulder due to how the entire situation played out – and that’s a great thing for everyone.

As far as specifics, Big Blue managed to retain one of the NFL’s best running backs at the franchise tag price of $10.1 million, with potential incentives to increase it to $11 million, but only if the team reaches the playoffs.

The absence of an assurance against placing the franchise tag on Barkley again in 2024 further highlights Schoen’s negotiating dominance in the matter.

Along with the news of the agreement came the revelation that Schoen nearly traded Barkley earlier this offseason…

Barkley undoubtedly is regretting the decision not to accept Schoen’s previous offer that included $23 million in guaranteed money. Nevertheless, Barkley should be commended for accepting what he could get and not holding out of training camp, which would have hurt both himself and the team.

Giants legend and current radio analyst, Carl Banks, pleaded with Barkley to not be a “principled fool” in the matter…

Despite criticism from some for not sticking to his convictions, Barkley’s presence at training camp reaffirms his commitment to the Giants – something that may very well play in his favor down the road.

However, there are surely some around the league who have a vested interest in the matter that aren’t overly thrilled with the fact that Barkley caved.. He may not get an invite to the next running back zoom call.

Leave it to the infamous O.J. Simpson to shed a ray wisdom on the matter…

“Saquon Barkley signed and I think it was the absolute right thing to do.. Even though, I still think he got screwed a little bit. It’s just not fair.. Saquon’s got it all. He’s strong as hell. The boy got shimmy. The boy can juke. The boy can make guys miss who break through and are in the backfield.. He’s like Barry Sanders sometimes with that strength and he doesn’t get caught.”

As Schoen enters his second season as Giants general manager, it’s clear he has the smarts, skills and demeanor to be an elite NFL GM.. Simply put, Big Blue is in great hands with him at the helm.

In the big picture, what do you think the future holds for Barkley?

Will he end up wearing a different uniform come 2024?