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Saints Rookie Kicker Immediately Gets Mistaken For Fan After Kicking Game Winner

Saints Rookie Kicker Immediately Gets Mistaken For Fan After Kicking Game Winner
(Credit: twitter.com: @PFF)

New Orleans Saints rookie kicker, Blake Grupe, had a whirlwind of emotions in his NFL debut against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday afternoon.

The 24-year-old undrafted rookie showcased his nerves of steel as he calmly nailed a 31-yard game-winning field goal as time expired, securing a thrilling 26-24 victory over the defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs. 

The Superdome exploded with excitement following Grupe’s clutch game winning kick.

“Blake Grupe kicks a 31-yd FG to give the #Saints a 26-24 win vs the Chiefs,” the New Orleans Saints tweeted alongside a video clip of the game-winning kick.

The elation of Grupe’s first professional field goal was short-lived, however, as he found himself in an unexpected situation after the game.

Mistaken for a fan by stadium security, Grupe encountered a second dose of disbelief on the same day.

Standing at 5-foot-7 and weighing 156 pounds, the specialist’s appearance didn’t immediately give away his identity as a football player.

Grupe took to social media to recount the amusing incident, sharing his story with his followers: “Step 1: get questioned walking onto the field pregame for not having credentials. Step 2: hit a game winner. Step 3: get stopped by security thinking I was a fan when trying to walk out the player exit. Stay humble. Thankful. Great team win! @Saints #WHODAT,” he tweeted, ending with a touch of humor and humility.

The young kicker had already been questioned by security prior to the game, a testament to his unassuming presence and profile.

Despite the unusual turn of events, Grupe remained gracious and appreciative, emphasizing the importance of humbleness and humility.

Saints Head Coach Dennis Allen praised the team’s victory and Grupe’s vital role in securing it.

“Glad we got the win, because this league is all about winning and winning in the preseason is important,” Allen remarked. “I was glad that our guys were able to do that. I was glad to see Grupe get a chance to get to kick in that situation and be able to knock it through.”

We’ll see if Grupe even makes the team. After all, he has a pretty reliable kicker, Wil Lutz, ahead of him on the depth chart.

If someone had a big ego, going through a situation like Grupe did would immediately pop it.. Refreshingly, it seems like Grupe is not that kind of guy and took everything in a humorous stride.



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