Russell Wilson Hits Back At The Haters: Will Sean Payton Be Able To Save Him??

Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson, who has faced intense scrutiny and criticism ever since the opening game of last season, spoke about how he is turning the page and attempting to revitalize his career. 

Follwing Wednesday’s practice, Wilson responded to questions about whether he keeps “receipts” of the criticisms he has endured during the offseason. He acknowledged that he’s aware of the skepticism but remains focused on proving himself.

“Ah, I think you’ve got them in your back pocket sometimes,” Wilson said with a smile. “Listen, I’m used to some of those who believe and some of those who doubt. When you’re playing at the highest stakes and dream of being the best you can possibly be every day, there’s always going to be people who question whether you can do it or not.”

Wilson’s performance last season was under the microscope as he had his worst year as a pro, with a career-low 16 touchdown passes and a career-high 55 sacks. He also endured multiple injuries during the season, including a muscle tear, a hamstring injury, and a concussion.

“I think I’ve proven throughout my career what I can do, and [I’ve] got to do it again,” Wilson asserted. “There’s always something to show, to prove.”

The arrival of new head coach Sean Payton in February added an extra layer of intrigue to the Broncos offseason. The Payton-Wilson relationship has been a focal point of discussion among fans and media.

Payton, who praised Wilson’s work during training camp and the preseason, emphasized that the key is not to “fix” Wilson but to “find” him within the offense.

“I think that’s a pretty good observation,” Payton acknowledged. “We’ve talked about it ad nauseam, the things [Wilson] does well. It’s putting him in those positions, putting our offense in those positions, and I would agree with what he said. That makes a lot of sense to me. Our job is to find him.”

As the Broncos gear up for their season opener against the Raiders in Las Vegas, Wilson is eager to get off on the right foot and rewrite his story.

“Obviously last year wasn’t what we wanted. Now it’s about going on the field and just doing it, doing what we know how to do,” he said.

How do you think Wilson will do this year?

Will he ever get back to being the Pro Bowl quarterback he used to be in Seattle? Or is he washed up?