Home MLB Rumors Swirl That Stefon Diggs Wants OUT Of Buffalo

Rumors Swirl That Stefon Diggs Wants OUT Of Buffalo

Rumors Swirl That Stefon Diggs Wants OUT Of Buffalo

Reports are that Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs is not happy in Buffalo.

If true, that’s head-scratching to say the least considering he’s playing on one of the best teams in the league with a quarterback who looks to be an all-time great.

Then again, this is the same Stefon Diggs who cried his way out of a good situation in Minnesota, so anything is possible.

His cryptic messages on social media do nothing but fuel the speculation that he wants out of Buffalo.

Combined that with the fact that the last time we saw Diggs, he was inexplicably screaming at Josh Allen on the sidelines…

If the rumors are true, it might not even matter since Diggs’ contract and $34.77 million cap hit would make him very difficult to move…


This all could be Diggs just craving attention, as he often does…or it could be him trying to put heat on the organization to bolster the roster.

But if its the latter, his attitude and constant passive-aggressiveness is not the way to go about it…


But hey, if he does get traded to Dallas, maybe he can teach his brother to not be such a deadbeat…



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