Rumors: Marlins And Mariners Considering Starting Pitching Trades Tn The Offseason

A flurry of relatively low-profile signings in MLB this week has left fans eager for more trade action. As the Winter Meetings approach, there’s anticipation that the Miami Marlins and Seattle Mariners, two teams known for their strong pitching staffs, could be active in the trade market to bolster their lineups.

Both the Marlins and Mariners boast deep and talented pitching rotations, but their offensive struggles in the 2023 season have raised the need for impactful bats. With an abundance of arms, these teams might use their pitching depth as leverage to secure key hitters.

The Marlins, who made the playoffs for the fourth time in franchise history in 2023, are unlikely to remain idle during the offseason. They have clear offensive needs and valuable starting pitching assets to offer in potential trades. Teams have already expressed interest in Miami’s pitching staff.

According to Ken Rosenthal, the Marlins are receiving inquiries about their starting pitchers. It’s possible that they could trade a starter to address their needs at shortstop and catcher. Notable pitchers like Sandy Alcantara and Eury Perez are expected to stay put, but Edward Cabrera and Trevor Rogers may be available for the right deal. Both Cabrera and Rogers had injury-limited seasons in 2023.

While the Marlins have a dependable top three in their rotation, there are uncertainties beyond that, making them open to exploring the trade market to solidify their 2024 rotation.

On the other hand, the Mariners ended the 2023 season with one of the league’s best starting pitcher ERAs. However, their offensive struggles prevented them from making a consecutive postseason appearance. To become a consistent playoff contender, they recognize the need to enhance their batting.

Seattle’s surplus of young starting pitchers allows them the flexibility to trade for offensive upgrades. Despite strong pitching, the Mariners ranked poorly in team batting average and struggled with runners in scoring position. Luis Castillo anchors their rotation, and they have a promising group of pitchers aged 26 or younger.

Mariners fans can look forward to the potential return of former Cy Young winner Robbie Ray, who is on the mend after Tommy John surgery. While the Mariners resisted trading starting pitchers during the previous season’s trade deadline, their pressing offensive needs may lead to a different approach this offseason.

Players like Logan Gilbert and Bryan Woo could emerge as trade candidates worth watching for the Mariners as they seek to bolster their lineup.