Rumored Jets Trade Would Thrill Aaron Rodgers While Addressing Vital Need

It’s no secret to most that ESPN’s Mike Greenberg is a die-hard New York Jets fan.

He has called on his beloved Jets to make a second blockbuster trade with the Green Bay Packers – and this one makes perfect sense. 

The Jets and Packers shocked the football world earlier this year with one of the biggest trades in NFL history, which saw four-time MVP Aaron Rodgers trade shades of green.

Reports out of Jets training camp is that their offensive line is struggling. This is a massive area of concern and one that Rodgers isn’t used to dealing with since he spent virtually his entire career in Green Bay behind top-tier offensive lines.

All of this is why Greenberg is suggesting the Jets trade for three-time Pro Bowl tackle David Bakhtiari.

When healthy, Bakhtiari is a top three tackle in the NFL. It also doesn’t hurt that he is one of Rodgers’ best friends.

In other words, as long as the asking price isn’t too steep, it actually makes all the sense in the world. 

Appearing on the morning show “Get Up,” Greenberg minced no words in expressing his opinion: “Dianna’s not reporting it’s happening, I’m reporting they should do it. The Jets should go out and make a trade for offensive line help immediately, and David Bakhtiari would be the perfect place to start.”

With a keen understanding of the Jets’ needs, Greenberg underscored the critical importance of protecting their investment in Rodgers.

“We need [Rodgers] standing as tall when the season ends. Jets – go do it,” urged Greenberg, emphasizing that a solid offensive line is pivotal for Rodgers and the team’s success.

Recent reports from joint practices between the Jets and the Carolina Panthers have shed light on pressing issues surrounding the Jets’ pass protection.

ESPN Jets insider Rich Cimini highlighted the ongoing struggles, stating: “Pass protection was an issue all day. Rodgers was ‘sacked’ at least 2 times and pressured on a few other drop-backs. OLB Brian Burns was a problem, especially for LT Max Mitchell. Two-minute drive sputtered b/o poor pass pro…”

These developments underscore the urgency for the Jets to bolster their offensive line. As Greenberg aptly put it, the acquisition of Bakhtiari could serve as a foundational step towards shoring up the Jets pass protection and ensuring a successful season for Rodgers and the team.

Again, assuming the asking price from Green Bay isn’t too steep, the trade makes perfect sense. 

You also get the feeling that the Packers wouldn’t be too heartbroken to move on from Bakhtiari’s large contract as they enter a mini rebuild / transition period with new quarterback Jordan Love. 

What are your thoughts?

Should the Jets pursue a trade for Bakhtiari?

The bigger question is, can Bakhtiari actually stay healthy?