Home NFL Rumor: Saudi Arabia May Be Interested In NFL Ownership

Rumor: Saudi Arabia May Be Interested In NFL Ownership

Rumor: Saudi Arabia May Be Interested In NFL Ownership

With the reports that Lionel Messi apparently turned down enormous Saudi money in favor of the MLS, the football world started to wonder if Saudi Arabia would ever try to buy into NFL ownership the way they have in soccer (and golf).

Albert Breer of The MMQB recently shared his thoughts on this very issue. 

He revealed that he has spoken with individuals resembling “team president types,” suggesting that it would not be far-fetched for Saudi Arabia to bid on and purchase an existing NFL team.

Breer emphasized the Saudi Arabian nation’s public investment fund’s growing involvement in the sports realm. The fund already owns the LIV Golf tour, which recently merged with the PGA Tour, as well as Newcastle United of the English Premier League.

Given these investments, Breer indicated that buying an NFL team would not only make financial sense but would also serve as a significant display of power and prestige for Saudi Arabia. 

While Breer acknowledged that the NFL owners would likely face challenges in approving such a purchase at present, he highlighted recent high-profile sales in the league. For instance, the Washington Commanders were recently sold for a staggering $6.05 billion, and the Seattle Seahawks, an established NFL franchise, are expected to command an even higher price tag in the future.

As the value of NFL teams continues to soar, the number of potential buyers capable of meeting these exorbitant price tags diminishes.

Breer speculated that the NFL could eventually face a scenario where there are no longer enough buyers willing and able to afford these escalating costs. In such a situation, the league might be forced to reconsider its ownership rules and consider unconventional parties as potential owners.

With their vast resources, the Saudis could seize this opportunity to enter the bidding and acquire an NFL team.

While the timeline for such a purchase remains uncertain, as the NFL is a private organization with the authority to determine its ownership requirements and vet potential buyers, Breer’s insights have sparked discussions about the potential involvement of international entities, including the Saudi government, in the future landscape of American football.

The prospect of Saudi Arabia acquiring an NFL team highlights the evolving dynamics and the increasing globalization of the sports industry, and it raises questions about the potential impact on the league’s identity and fanbase.



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