Rumor: Sanders And Hunter May Transfer To Elite College Team After Difficult Colorado Season

Deion Sanders’ inaugural season as the head coach of the Colorado Buffaloes has drawn to a close, with the team finishing the year with a 4-8 record. This outcome falls short of the threshold for bowl eligibility, requiring at least six wins. Following a promising 3-0 start, the season didn’t pan out as hoped, sparking speculation about the future of key players Shedeur Sanders and Travis Hunter.

Rumors are circulating about potential transfers for both Shedeur, a quarterback, and Hunter, a cornerback. The talks are fueled by the notion that Coach Prime’s rebuilding process at Colorado might require more time than the players have in their college careers. Suggestions have emerged that they should consider transferring to Florida State University (FSU), a school with a significant connection to both players.

Shedeur would have the chance to culminate his college football journey at his father’s alma mater. Similarly, for Travis, FSU represents a path trodden by his idol, offering a legacy of nurturing top-tier defensive backs and wide receivers. Moreover, a move to FSU would provide both players an opportunity to compete for a National Championship.

Previously, Hunter had initially committed to FSU before being swayed by Prime to join Jackson State, while Shedeur shifted his commitment from Florida Atlantic to play for the Tigers. With Shedeur having one year of eligibility remaining and Hunter ineligible for the NFL Draft until 2025, the timing of their careers adds another layer to these considerations.

Despite these speculations, a transfer seems unlikely. Both players are committed to Deion Sanders’ vision for the Colorado program and are optimistic about an improved second season. This optimism is bolstered by the anticipation of new recruits joining the Buffaloes, signaling a stronger future for the team under Sanders’ leadership.