Rob Gronkowski Makes Shocking Prediction For What Josh McDaniels’ Next Move Will Be…

One of the biggest stories of the NFL season thus far has been the firing of Las Vegas Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels.

The firing might have been a tad premature, but the fact is he has now failed as a head coach on two separate occasions … He may never get a third opportunity.

McDaniels may be the perfect example of someone who’s a great coordinator but can never be a successful head coach … It happens. 

Speaking of coordinating, very few players know McDaniels as well as former tight end Rob Gronkowski who played for the scrutinized coach in New England. 

Appearing on the “Up & Adams” show, Gronk speculated about what McDaniels next step may be…

“I feel like Bill O’Brien may be out of there after this year. So if that’s the case, I think Josh McDaniels comes back as offensive coordinator in New England, that’s for sure,” Gronk predicted. 

At 2-7, the Patriots are surprisingly one of the biggest disasters in the NFL. 

Needless to say, the return of O’Brien to the offensive coordinator spot in New England hasn’t nearly gone according to plan. 

Gronk believes he could possibly be a one-and-done in his second stint as play-caller – although he made it clear he doesn’t have any inside information on the matter.

“I feel like he’s going to take an opportunity,” Gronk said. “He’s kind of a head coach guy. I feel like he’s going to take an opportunity somewhere else … I have zero sources – this is just me coming up with it.”

Regarding McDaniels, he will of course still be paid the money he was owed despite being fired … Gronkowski shared his amazement at that.

“I feel for him a little bit emotionally, but when you really think about it, this guy signed a six-year deal as a head coach. He’s gonna be paid out for those six years,” Gronk said.

“So, he’s getting head-coaching money for the next four years of his life. That’s total BS. That’s absolutely absurd. These coaches should only be getting contracts that are only like halfway fully guaranteed.”

“Us players, we only get two or three years fully guaranteed out of a six-year contract. These guys get six years totally guaranteed. I don’t feel bad for him at all in that sense.”

“The guy’s gonna be living life. He can go to the beach for the next four years at a five-star hotel and not have to worry about that bank account.”

Do you agree with Gronk that money for coaches shouldn’t be fully-guaranteed?

As far as McDaniels, do you think he’ll wind up back with Bill Belichick in New England?

(Will Belichick even be there next year???)