Richard Sherman Says This Underrated Superstar Is “Wasting Away” With Current Team: Is He Right??

The Las Vegas Raiders are facing a turbulent start to the NFL season, currently sitting with a disappointing 1-3 record.

There’s a feeling that the Raiders should be much better than they are.

Amid the struggle, former NFL great and current analyst Richard Sherman has come to the defense of Pro Bowl defensive end Maxx Crosby and expressed his concern that Vegas is wasting his prime years.

Speaking on his Volume podcast, Sherman said: “Maxx Crosby deserves a lot more credit than he’s getting. But he plays for the Raiders, and they always have something overshadowing him.”

“My goodness, he is wasting away in Las Vegas,” Sherman continued.

Despite the team’s woes, Crosby has been a consistent force on the field. The 26-year-old defensive end has already recorded four sacks this season.

In 2022, he achieved a career-high with 89 tackles, 12.5 sacks, and three forced fumbles, earning his second-straight Pro Bowl appearance.

Crosby’s impressive statistics underscore his importance to the Raiders’ defense. Throughout his first 70 career regular season games, he has amassed an impressive 41.5 sacks, despite facing constant double-teams. 

Sherman expressed his hope that Crosby would have the opportunity to shine on a team that can fully utilize his talents.

“Maxx Crosby has been an amazing player in the National Football League for a long time and is continuing to make an impact week in and week out. I just hope he gets to a team that could utilize him correctly.”

Do you agree with Sherman?

Do you think the Raiders can get things turned around?

If not, it would indeed be a shame to see the prime years of Crosby’s career wasted away on a losing team.