REPORT: You’ll Never Believe What Life Is Like For Henry Ruggs In Prison & How Much Money He Is Now Able To Make…

Once heralded as a rising star in the NFL, Henry Ruggs III’s trajectory took a tragic turn, landing him behind bars serving a 3-to-10-year sentence for a fatal DUI incident.

Ruggs, who seemed well on his way towards becoming one of the top wide receivers in the NFL after being selected by the Las Vegas Raiders in the 2020 Draft, now finds himself in a vastly different situation.

Ruggs was sentenced to prison for a fatal drunk driving incident that occurred back in November 2021.

Ruggs pleaded guilty to driving at an alarming speed of 156 mph while under the influence, resulting in a tragic crash that claimed the life of 23-year-old Tina Tintor and her dog.

Prosecutors revealed that Ruggs’ blood-alcohol level was recorded at 0.16, twice the legal limit.

In a recent revelation, it has come to light that Ruggs, now 25, is working as a “community trusty” in the Nevada Government Mansion.

In return for his labor, Ruggs earns $2.50 an hour.

Needless to say, this is a stark contrast from the type of money he was making in the NFL.

After being selected by the Raiders with the #12 overall pick four years ago, Ruggs signed a lucrative four-year, $16,671,626 contract with a substantial signing bonus of $9,684,820.

To go from that type of money to $2.50 an hour is quite a fall. But the harsh truth is Ruggs has absolutely no one to blame but himself.

Following the tragic incident, the Raiders swiftly released Ruggs from the team.

The earliest possible release for Ruggs is set for August 2026, with eligibility for credit for time served as part of his work program.

According to prison officials, Ruggs is engaged in various tasks around the government property, including housework, yard maintenance, and other manual labor duties.

His designation as a “low-risk inmate” affords him this opportunity to work outside of traditional prison confines.

It’s a sad situation all around…

While Ruggs’ fame and notoriety as a football player is what made this such a massive story, the real victim in the case shouldn’t be forgotten.

In many ways, Ruggs got a very favorable sentence. Hopefully he has learned his lesson and will be the better for it whenever he ends up getting released.

What are your thoughts on the whole tragic situation???