REPORT: Vikings Have Reportedly Spoken To THIS Team About Potential JUSTIN JEFFERSON Trade … Steal Of The Century??

With the NFL Scouting Combine upon us, speculation surrounding potential trades are heating up.

Among the talks circulating, a potential blockbuster deal between the New England Patriots and the Minnesota Vikings has emerged in league circles. 

Reports indicate that discussions between the two teams have indeed taken place, hinting at the possibility of a significant trade on the horizon.

At the center of speculation is Minnesota Vikings All-World wide receiver Justin Jefferson.

Arguably the best receiver in the league, Jefferson will soon command a massive extension which is expected to reset the wide receiver market. 

Expected to move off of free agent quarterback Kirk Cousins, the Vikings could be looking for a fresh start and clean slate.

In other words, instead of committing an enormous amount of their salary cap to Jefferson, they could look to trade him – and would surely be able to get a king’s ransom in return.

Of course, kicking a generational talent like Jefferson to the curb is an extremely risky move – no matter how many assets you get back in return.

However, a potential trade with New England could snatch the Vikings the #3 overall pick in the quarterback-heavy draft. 

On the other hand, the Patriots have been dying for a dynamic offensive playmaker such as Jefferson. Needless to say, they would welcome him in with open arms (as any team would).

However, depending on what New England decides to do with current quarterback Mac Jones (and Bailey Zappe), they figure to be in need of a quarterback as well.

Would passing up on the chance to draft Drake Maye, Jayden Daniels or Caleb Williams (if he’s still available) be worth it if it meant acquiring Jefferson?

It may very well be if the Patriots have pinpointed one of the other quarterbacks – such as J.J. McCarthy or Bo Nix – as their guy.

They would have a chance to draft either with the Vikings #11 pick (assuming they acquire it in the theoretical trade). 

This Patriots-Vikings chatter will be far from the only rumor we hear about as we get closer and closer to April’s NFL Draft. 

Do you think there’s any truth to this?

It seems that the two sides have at least spoke about it … But do you think there’s a chance of it actually happening?

Would it be a mistake for Minnesota to trade Jefferson???