REPORT: THIS Surprise Team Is Expected To Explore A Trade For Mac Jones … Will This Change Of Scenery Save Mac’s Career??

In New England, uncertainty looms over the quarterback situation as the Patriots find themselves in dire need of an upgrade.

The spotlight shines on Mac Jones, whose future with the team hangs in the balance following a tumultuous season to say the least. 

Jones, once looked upon as a promising talent, has divided opinion among the Patriots fan base … Well, in actuality, it’s probably 95% anti-Jones in New England – but there still are some who hold out hope that he can rebound, especially with Bill Belichick gone. 

With speculation swirling about his potential departure, a surprising twist emerges with rumors suggesting interest from the Seattle Seahawks in acquiring the former Pro Bowler. (Yes, that’s right, he did make a Pro Bowl.)

However, concerns linger over Jones’ recent form, marked by two consecutive disappointing seasons.

The 25-year-old’s struggles in 2023 were compounded by a strained relationship with Belichick (and fellow teammates), fueling speculation of an imminent departure.

Jones’ confidence took a hit amid his on-field struggles, leading to his benching and purportedly souring relations within the locker room, including with fellow quarterback Bailey Zappe.

With Jones’ stock seemingly plummeting, the Patriots face the daunting task of extracting value from a potential trade involving the 2021 first-round pick.

Meanwhile in Seattle, current starter Geno Smith just restructured his contract as he strives to regain his 2022 form.

However, there is great concern that he is not the permanent answer at quarterback. Not only is he getting long in the tooth, but many feel his resurgent 2022 season was a bit of a fluke. 

What are your thoughts on the Mac-to-Seattle rumors?

Do you believe Jones can develop into a true franchise quarterback, especially with a change of scenery?

Or have you seen enough to know that he’s not NFL starter quality?

What are your thoughts on Geno? … Are the Seahawks better off just rolling with him???