REPORT: The Browns Make Surprising Decision On The Future Of Star RB Nick Chubb … Will They End Up Regretting It??

In a recent development concerning the future of star running back Nick Chubb, the Cleveland Browns have reportedly made a decision on his status for the upcoming season.

Chubb, who suffered a devastating knee injury in Week 2 of the 2023 season, has been the subject of speculation regarding his future with the team.

General Manager Andrew Berry expressed his desire to retain Chubb in a report from’s Mary Kay Cabot.

“Nobody wants to see that carry in Pittsburgh be the last time he carries the ball for the Cleveland Browns. And obviously there are things that we’ll have to work through, but that would not be our intention. We obviously will work to keep him on the team,” Berry said. 

Despite concerns about Chubb potentially becoming a cap casualty due to his injury, Berry’s comments indicate the team’s commitment to the talented running back.

Cabot further elaborated on the Browns strategy, explaining that they are likely to collaborate with Chubb to restructure his contract, making it more team-friendly and incentive-based.

Chubb, a four-time Pro Bowler, emerged as a prominent figure during the running back standoffs of the previous season, but had no such issues with the Browns.

However, his injury could impact his leverage in contract negotiations moving forward.

“He’s not only a team favorite but a fan favorite, and the Browns know that money isn’t everything,” Cabot noted. “They’ll make a smart business decision, but they’ll also lead with their hearts on this one.”

What are your thoughts on Cleveland (reportedly) deciding to stick with Chubb?

He’s clearly a massive part of not only the team, but the Browns identity as a whole. 

It will be a big boost to the locker room and the overall team morale to keep Chubb in the mix – ideally on a restructured contract.

Where do you rank Chubb among the top running backs in the league???