REPORT: Robert Kraft Has “Home Run” Replacement For Bill Belichick As New Patriot Era Dawns

You know we’re living in crazy times when someone can suggest that the New England Patriots should fire Bill Belichick and not be laughed off the face of the earth … But yet, here we are. 

At 2-7, Belichick is in the middle of the worst season of his coaching career. Worst of all, the Patriots seem to be getting worse by the week (minus that miraculous win over the schizophrenic Bills). 

We keep hearing reports indicating just how furious owner Robert Kraft is with the downward direction the franchise is heading in.

Now, a new report by Ben Volin of the Boston Globe has shed further light on the situation.

According to Volin, two sources intimately connected to the organization have told him that Kraft may already have a plan in place for Belichick’s replacement – and it’s a very familiar face…

“Two sources close to the Patriots have independently said the same thing: They believe [Mike] Vrabel, currently the Titans’ coach, is the Krafts’ ‘home run’ choice to succeed Belichick,” Volin said.

The Belichick saga has been an absolute rollercoaster over the past several months…

We’ve heard reports that assistant coach Jerod Mayo was tabbed the head coach in-waiting.

We’ve heard reports that Belichick privately inked a lucrative, long-term contract extension.

We’ve heard that the Patriots might consider trading Belichick to the Washington Commanders.

What’s next???

For what it’s worth, it makes perfect sense that Kraft would target Vrabel as Belichick’s successor … Besides his New England ties as a player, Vrabel has proven to be an elite head coach in the NFL.

Volin also reported that Kraft may be interested in bringing back another familiar face – Nick Caserio.

Caserio, currently the general manager of the Houston Texans, is held in high regard in New England and could possibly be lured back to Foxborough. 

What is your take on the situation?

Has the time actually come for the Patriots to move on from Belichick?

If they do, is a Vrabel-Caserio combination the way to go???