REPORT: Red Sox Could Send Dodgers Star Back To LA: Should They??

In a potential move that could reunite a former Los Angeles Dodgers great with their old team, the Boston Red Sox are reportedly exploring the possibility of trading Kike Hernandez back to the city where he enjoyed immense success and a dedicated fan following.

Hernandez, along with Alex Verdugo, Justin Turner, Kenley Jansen, and Chris Martin, made significant contributions during their tenure with the Dodgers and garnered strong reputations within the organization.

Among them, Hernandez stood out as a fan favorite, not just for his on-field versatility but also for his off-the-field antics and clutch performances both in regular and postseason play.

However, the 31-year-old utility player’s desire to fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming an everyday shortstop has not panned out as expected during his third season with the Red Sox.

His batting average of .218, coupled with 17 extra-base hits, including six home runs, 31 RBIs, and a .598 OPS in 81 games, hasn’t met the expectations set for him.

The Athletic’s Chad Jennings recently floated a trade proposal that would see Hernandez returning to Los Angeles in exchange for promising prospect Chris Newell.

This proposition has sparked considerable interest, with The Athletic’s Jim Bowden noting that the Dodgers would welcome Hernandez back with open arms, given his ability to bolster their lineup both at shortstop and in the outfield.

From the perspective of both teams, the potential trade seems mutually beneficial.

Hernandez’s return to Los Angeles could reignite his career, as he remains beloved among the Dodgers fan base, and the familiar environment may help him find his rhythm once more.

The Dodgers would also benefit from his versatility and proven ability to perform under pressure.

On the other hand, Boston’s infield situation is about to become crowded, with the impending return of Pablo Reyes and the eventual arrival of Trevor Story.

Trading Hernandez would not only create roster space but also potentially yield a promising prospect like Chris Newell.

While the deal is still in the discussion phase, it has garnered support from fans and analysts alike due to its sensible fit and potential positive outcomes for both sides.

Should the trade be finalized, it would mark a significant reunion for the Dodgers and could offer a fresh start for Hernandez to rediscover his form and continue his success with his former team.

What do you think of this proposed trade?