REPORT: Powers That Be May Make THIS Radical Change To The CFB Playoff … Would This Ruin Everything??

In a recent College Football Playoff meeting held in Dallas, the prospect of expanding the playoff format to accommodate 14 teams starting from the 2026 season emerged as a topic of substantial discussion.

This discourse unfolded just months ahead of the inaugural 12-team playoff slated to commence.

CFP Executive Director, Bill Hancock, confirmed the deliberations regarding the expansion but refrained from delving into specific details, citing ongoing work. “There’s work still to be done,” he told ESPN.

Despite the imminent commencement of negotiations for an eight-year television contract, three critical issues linger unresolved: access, revenue distribution, and governance.

Hancock emphasized the necessity of resolving these matters within the coming month.

The CFP management committee, comprising commissioners and incoming Notre Dame Athletic Director Pete Bevacqua, convened to explore the possibility of enlarging the playoff field post the expiration of the current contract following the 2025 season.

The shift from 12-to-14 teams primarily addresses concerns regarding access rather than financial considerations.

However, significant deliberations remain concerning the allocation of automatic qualifiers, particularly whether conferences such as the Big Ten and SEC could secure up to four automatic bids. 

The Big Ten and SEC have asserted their stance for a more financially lucrative contract compared to the present arrangement, where 80% of revenues are evenly distributed among the Power 5 conferences.

With the addition of new teams, the combined representation of the Big Ten and SEC stands at 34 teams.

“I think everybody rolled up their sleeves and just said, ‘We need to get to work and share what’s on our mind,’ and they all did,” Hancock said of the meeting.

The push for an increase in automatic qualifiers has been evident, particularly from the Big Ten.

Commissioner Tony Petitti emphasized the importance of preserving the value of late-season games, reflecting on the significance of the regular season.

Clearly, he wants to keep the Michigan-Ohio State rivalry as vital and important as possible. 

A potential 14-team playoff format could see the highest-ranked conference champions securing a bye, thereby amplifying the stakes of league title games. 

What are your thoughts on increasing the playoff field from 12-to-14 teams?

What is the perfect amount?

Clearly, we needed more than four. It’s a tragedy that it too until now to up the field.

But what’s the sweet spot? … You have to have enough deserving teams without watering it down too much.

What’s the ideal situation???