REPORT: Padres Expected To Shop Some MAJOR Names This Offseason: Should They Blow It Up??

It’s no secret that the San Diego Padres are one of the most disappointing teams in all of baseball.

There’s no downplaying or sugar-coating anything. Their 2023 season, considering their massive payroll, has been downright despicable. Plain and simple.

They will be entering a very interesting offseason where they’ll have to decide whether to blow up what they’ve “built” – or just stay the course.

With the hated Los Angeles Dodgers clinching yet another NL West division title, the heat is turned up to another notch in San Diego. 

Every team wants to have a passionate fan base that cares about their club on a daily basis.

Due to the circumstances, it’s actually a good thing that Padres fans aren’t living and dying with every pitch. After all, San Diego has so much to figure out and fix. They need to decide what exactly they need to do this offseason. 

Among the talents that grace the Padres are two impending free agents, Blake Snell and Josh Hader, may be bidding farewell to San Diego this winter as they seek a clean slate. 

Joel Reuter from Bleacher Report, shared his insights on the Padres’ predicament, stating: “The Padres have two of baseball’s best upcoming free agents in starter Blake Snell and closer Josh Hader, and there’s a good chance both guys will be pitching elsewhere in 2024.”

“My guess is both pitchers will walk, the rotation will be addressed by looking for more moves like last offseason’s Seth Lugo and Michael Wacha signings, and the closer’s role will go to Scott Barlow in 2024.”

Snell, who has been in remarkable form throughout the season, appears to be a frontrunner for his second Cy Young award.

Similarly, Josh Hader has had a solid season and is expected to command plenty of attention.

What do you think San Diego should do?

Clearly, they’ve been an absolute mess. But what should they do to fix it?